Seeking a little adventure in our lives, in late 2006 we purchased a camper with a goal to take it out once a month. For the most part we've met that goal and have enjoyed numerous camping trips throughout the southeast. Of course we bring the camera and and take in the sights. We've posted the photos from a few of the trips here. Enjoy!

Our Alumalite Travel Trailer

Most recent photos are at the bottom.

Torreya (8/2006)

Grayton Beach with the Boys (9/2006)

Jonica Gap (10/2006)

Cheaha/Vogel (3/2007)

Pine Mt./Little White House (4/2007)

Florala (5/2007)

Lake Chicot/Hickory Creek with the Girls (6/2007)

Port St. Joe (8/2007)

Blackwater River with the Boys (10/2007)

Lake Dannelly (11/2007)

Chehaw (3/2008)

Cloundland Canyon/Lookout Mt. (4/2008)

Blue Springs/Little Grand Canyon (5/2008)

Pine Log (6/2008)

Falling Waters with the Boys and Girls (7/2008)

Henderson Beach with the Girls (8/2008)

Blue Spring/Universal Studio (10/2008)

Kings Mountain/Cedar Mountain (3/2009)

Ochlocknee River/St. Marks Wildlife Refuge (5/2009)

Kolomoki Mounds SP (6/2009)

Chattahoochee SP (7/2009)

Hardridge Creek (9/2009)

Rainbow Springs SP (10/2009)

West Point Lake (3/2010)

Fort Pickens SP (5/2010)

White Oak Creek with the Boys (7/2010)

Grayton Beach with Brenda and the Girls (9/2010)

Desoto SP (10/2010)

After logging over 10,000 miles and dozens of camping trips we decided to upgrade to a fifth wheel.  Of course this meant a truck upgrade too.  So here's our new rig.

2011 Keystone Outback

Suwannee River SP (3/2011)

Eastbank Campground (4/2011)

Horseshoe Bend Arkansas with the Girls (6/2011)

Topsail SP Florida with the Boys (7/2011)

Blackwater River SP (8/26/11)

Fort Pickens SP with the Girls  (3/21/12)

Hardridge Creek with Brenda and the Girls (4/27/12)

Praire Creek SP, Alabama  (5/26/12)

Cotton Hill Campground with the Boys  (6/22/12)

Arkansas Vacation 2012  (7/29/12)

Mexico Beach, FL (9/1/12)

Eastbank, GA (5/10/13)

Devil's Den, Arkansas (6/15/13)

Topsail SP, FL with the Boys (8/10/13)

Henderson Beach, FL (5/24/14)

Arkansas Vacation (6/15/14)

Topsail Beach (8/9/14)

After 4 years and thousands of hours in the Outback (we lived in it for 8 months) it was time to move up to something a little bigger and more comfortable.  Again, this meant a tow vehicle upgrade too.  So here's our new rig.

Ram 2500 Cummins with Wildwood Heritage Glen 

Grayton Beach (4/25/15)

White Oak (5/16/15)

St. George Island (6/19/15)

Missed a lot of camping from 6/19/15 to 9/4/15 due to maintenance issues with the camper.  Bummer!

Easkbank (9/4/15)

Henderson Beach (9/19/15)

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