Family Photos in Okinawa

Prom Date

Sandy with Big Boy

David Graduates CLS

GB with the Colonel

Family in Kimono

GB and Sandy in Kimono

Family in Kimono

David in Kimono

GB's 40th Birthday

David and Friend Jamming

Beachside Camping

The Poker Crew

Biker Mama

David at Youth Camp

GB and Dave Atop Fuji

Sandy and Dave on Roppongi

GB says Hi!

David on a Rock

GB's First Solo Flight

David at a Water Slide

Korean BBQ

Our House

David Waxing His Car

GB and Sandy Dressed Up

David's Date 1

GB and Sandy Partying

David's Date 2

GB and Sandy Clubbing It

David's Date 3

David on the Flightline

David's 17th Birthday

David with a Snake

Sandy and China

GB Blowing his Diet

Sandy in Her Rocker

GB Enjoying the Good Life

Sandy on the Computer

GB, Sandy, and David

Sandy's School Photo

GB, Sandy, and David

China Watches the Fish

GB with the Orion Girls

David with Eisa Drum

GB and the Van

David Goofing Off

David on a Coral Bed

David Dressed Up

David Next to an F-4

David with 50 Bucks

David on His Bike

GB and Sandy at the Park

GB and Sandy Hiking

GB and Sandy on the Balcony

GB with Model Ship

Gary and Sandy Partying

Sandy Siting by a Monument

David Being Goofy

David and ShiShi Dog

David on Castle Ruin Steps

David Learning Bengata

Sandy In A Pottery Shop

David and Sandy in the Park

Sandy After a Bike Ride




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