Images From Okinawa


Liquor Store

Kadena Landing

Sunset #24

Zampa LightHouse

Fuji Sunrise

Sunset #35

Public Restroom

Fuji View From Top

Sunset #42

Shuri Castle

Tokyo Tower

Sunset #52

Oriental Doll

Tokyo Hard Rock

Sunset #64

Peppers Galore

Mitake Temple

Sunset #76

Four Seasons

Giant Snail

Sunset #81

Japanese Ship

White Beach Cave


Fish Wind Socks

Kokusai Street


Jade Flower Bush

Jade Fruit Bush

Interesting Flower

Tiled Entrance

Government Bldg

Giant ShiShi Dog

Ice Cream Truck

Dried Snakes

Korean Shops

Habu Sake

Pyramid Club

Bike Parking Lot

Tominnomori Woods

Tokyo Street

Kanna Dam

Dam Park

Small Stream

Kannon Temple

Awamori Cellar

Pacific View

Kise Beach

Giant Budda

100 Yen Store

Orion Beer Fest

Eisa Clowns

Food Booth

Tagouchi Park

Eisa Drummers

More Food

Phai's House of Jade

Oki's Partying

Hiji Falls

Giant Rope

Dragon Boat Race

Hiji Falls Trail

Tiger Float

Habu vs. Mongoose

Mexican Restaurant

Parade Dancers

Tori Beach


Hamby Park

Okuma Beach


Sky Lady Statue

Sun Bather

OkiHam Restaurant

Stone Tree

Outdoor Theater

Odd Hair Salon

Carp Windsocks

Glass Factory


Seawall Art

Fruit Vendor

Photo Shop

Kadena Seawall

Food Display Case

Italian Restaurant

Cloud Formation



Computer Store



F-15 Static Display

F-4 Static Display

18th Wing Shields

Little Backhoe

WWII Bunker


Little Cars

Ice Cream Machine

Coffee Vending Machine

Basket Ball Court

Stone Tori Statue

Ship Playground

Gyokusendo Cave

Wet Field

Ship at Night

Oriental Statue

Sun Plaza

Shuri Shrine

Totem Pole

Stained Glass

Nago Castle Steps

Man and Boy Statue

BC Street

Stone Gateway

Botanical Gardens

Small Hill

Tower Apartments

Botanical Gardens

Burial Tomb

Resort Hotel

Kadena Flightline

Grocery Store

Flower Garden

Kadena Aerial

River Walk Park

Red Chevy


River Walk


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